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Raising the autistic voice.

Sharing autistic experience.

Contemplating inclusivity.

Alice Running (she / her) writes about autism to create space for autistic voices.

She has had articles published in The Mighty, Yahoo, Special Needs Jungle, Huffington Post, The F-WordMetro, iNews, SEN Magazine, Yorkshire Evening Post and The Big Issue in the North.

Her first book - Helping Your Child with PDA Live a Happier Life - is published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

Alice is also author of Parental Blame and the Pathological Demand Avoidance Profile of Autism (a study undertaken by Alice Running and Danielle Jata-Hall) and Parental Blame and the PDA Profile of Autism. The Experience of Domestic Abuse Survivors.

She is an autistic woman and parent to two autistic young people.

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